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Brighten up your kitchen with fake plants

Our lives nearly revolve around food which means we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. You want your kitchen to be a place you love spending time in- and what better way to do that than with artificial plants!

You get all of the beauty with none of the upkeep. You just place them wherever you’d like, and then you’re free to marvel at them every time you decide to chef it up. They don’t need to be watered or trimmed like normal plants. Your kitchen already needs enough TLC; you don’t want to add any more work than your already have. Luckily, fake plants won’t bring you any extra work.

Some of the best options for kitchen plants are hanging ones, so you can keep your countertop cleared. Another great idea is using faux fruit and vegetables to stick with the edible theme- thankfully, these ones won’t rot.

I’ve compiled a list of the top five very best plants to decorate your kitchen. This is perfect for your spring cleaning when you’re looking to spruce up your home.


1. Begonia Artificial Arrangement in Vase

This is an absolutely stunning option. The red flowers will give your kitchen a- probably much needed- pop of color. If you’re really feeling artsy you can throw in some red dish towels to match. If you can’t decide between leaves and flowers- don’t choose! This vase gives you the best of both worlds.

2. Faux Limes

These are the most realistic looking artificial limes money can buy. The only problem you’ll have is making sure to tell your guests they can’t eat them! Faux limes work for any season and any time of year. You won’t have to fuss with constantly changing our your decor. You can place them loosely, or in a basket or vase- the options are endless.

3. Philo Hanging Basket

This basket is perfect if you aren’t a flower-lover. It’s a total kitchen classic. There’s never an occasion where the Philo Hanging Basket won’t look amazing. Since it’s very neutral and simple, it matches with any other decor you choose. Whether you like a funky look, or a more simplistic approach- this basket will work for every mood.

4. Zinnia Artificial Arrangement in Cylinder Vase

This arrangement is a classy, yet playful display. The bright yellow will add light to your kitchen while the cylinder vase keeps it looking upscale and adult. Because of its thin size it fits perfectly on a countertop or a dining room table. If you have a larger table it looks amazing to have multiple matching vases as centerpieces.

5. Artichokes

These are extremely realistic looking faux artichokes because, let’s face it, we don’t know what to do with a real one. They add a very mature look while still looking decorative and beautiful.

We hope this list helps you on your artificial plant journey! Don’t be afraid to play around with different styles for your kitchen- it’ll only make you want to be in there more!

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