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How to clean and care for your artificial plants

Luckily, artificial plants don’t take much effort- but you still want to make sure they’re always looking as amazing as possible. Caring for your plants consists of making sure they’re correctly placed, cleaned, and maintained.

You want to make sure your plants stay out of harm's way. Animals love gnawing on the leaves, so if you have a nibbler at home, you’ll want to make sure you’re keeping your plants where they can’t be reached. Hanging plants are a great option if this is a problem for you. This one is a beautiful option if you like flowers with your greenery.
Babies and toddlers can also be culprits; placing your plants on a high shelf will prevent them from being pulled down by curious little hands.

Also, think about where your plants are stored. If they’re in the kitchen near where your cooking is done, they may have fallen victim to cooking sprays or built up grease. You can gently clean this with the methods I’ll mention later.

Cleaning your artificial plants isn’t a taxing duty, but it can’t be ignored. About once every week- during your regular dusting- you’ll want to give your plants a quick sweep as well. Once a month, you’ll give them a deeper clean with just a soft towel and some water- there’s no need for any harsh cleaning products. If you notice a leaf that’s damaged, you’ll want to remove it to make sure everything stays in tip-top shape.

For large plants or trees, you can place them in a bathtub and rinse them with the shower head. Your biggest ones may call for being hosed off outdoors- gently of course.

If you have a really dirty plant that may have years of wear under its belt, that’s when it may be time to bring out some chemicals. Ammonia D works well for this, and it can easily be found in window cleaners. You can also try a using some salt in a bag and placing your plant inside. Shaking it around in salt will remove dirt by working like scrubbers.

If you have a plant spill, a vacuum is definitely the quickest and easiest fix. Move your plant out of the way and simply suck up any debris left on the ground.

For a scratched plant, you can use a similarly colored nail polish to fill in any gaps. This will keep your plants looking brand new- no matter what.

With all of these methods combined, your plants will look like you just bought them- forever. By utilizing different cleaning techniques, upkeeping care, and fixing any damage immediately, you’ll never have to worry about your plants looking poor.

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